Change how consumable works already

So everyone already know this, but the 1.4 update basically broke potion. To me, the only uses it has right now is for boss fights. Normal mobs (except guardian of course) now has more DEF and it is quite harder to hit right now, but still doesn’t need the use of HP Potions. Sitting heals more and profit more than chucking a potion. Even worse, chucking one in the middle of combat (PVE) can lead you to taking damage while drinking it, giving you lesser health than you’re supposed to be. Boss fights however, potions are actually good.

So into the topic. What I wanted to change is:


Drinking is a pain, but this gives PvP a more balanced state(what the dev might think). The after-effect is cool, though. Change this to: Usage: Consume the potion for 3 seconds. After 1 second, the healing effect kicks in, heals X HP for 2 seconds but any interruption within the same time will cancel the effect. Interruptions in the first second returns the potion.


Note: This also include additional content to fit the suggestion.
In 1.5.1 (current), you consume it and after “eating” you heals the same amount immedially than Heal overtime.

So imagine there’s a campfire. You can cook it for NO bonus health but increased consuming speed.
Consume the fish for 3 seconds. After consuming, heals for X HP. Any interruption cancel the “consumption”
Cooked Fish: Consume the fish for 1.5/2 seconds. After consuming, heals for X HP. Any interruption cancel the “consumption”

Interruptions includes: player damage, run, basic attacking, casting an ability, jumping.

I wanted to give potion a 1-sec be4-effect because it might benefits PvP, although the “return” feature might be bad. I also wanted to give fish a high-risk, high-reward due to fish benefits more than potions.


Patch notes for 1.6 update

  • added animation for all consumptions
  • added teleportation particle for rune usage

o boy this is a epic idea

Nice idea

whether the fish is cooked or not i cant eat that in 2 seconds

remember this is Vesteria

i guess, minecraft eating is basically the same