Change for Assassin Pvp

Hello hello,

So usually every time I do pvp’s or just see people pvp as an assassin, I hear alot of complains about assassins being broken and stuff like that while people never even realise that assassins get 1 shot by any AOE spell. But as an Assassin I do agree that though flurry is easly dodged and getting killed by it is completely your fault and invisibility does have too low cooldown, here are my ideas:

-The flurry infinite vertical range should be removed and instead adding a little aoe because flurry without infinite range Will be completely useless,

-Giving invis more cooldown so assassins can rely on other spells besides that.

Now I know there Will be people out there saying that that would still be op but think about it, if you get hit by a flurry that kinda means it’s you who’s bad at dodging and let’s be real invis isn’t really easy to hit as long as your opponent knows how to keep their stamina and not waste it all in 1 go.

giving invisibility a higher cooldown would make assassin a punching bag.
flurry also requires perfect horizontal positioning, which is not so easy to achieve when your target is moving.


I think a small aoe would be just as good and people rely too much on invis lets be honest

people rely on it because otherwise assassin is no longer, well, an assassin. there’s no stealth to the class if you make invis as bad as step through shadow.

if invis was no longer a key part of the assassin kit, ranged classes would kill mobs faster than an assassin could reach one.


Well yeah but then just make invis do less damage from 400 to 300 cause invis is useless in pve except for running, in pvp is pretty good possibly the best ability

Sorry, but it’s not happening.
Berezaa ain’t changing anything about PVP.

Fine by me but I hope others won’t cry

I agree, and I think the flurry infinite vertical range is well, not realistic.

PVP with assassins is basically no-fun. You have no chance of seeing the target and with their invisibility, they only become visible if they attack. If they dash, they’d be moving too fast for you to catch them and before you know it, they’re invisible again.

Invisiblity should not be able to be used over and over since they are capable of being ALWAYS invisible.

However, if they flash or attack right when their invisiblity ends with a higher cooldown, warriors or whatever would be able to fight them head to head for maybe 2-3 seconds.

You do but some assassins just like to be kids who don’t know how to play and just spam invis but not everyone is like that. But let’s be honest 1 meteor insta kills an assassin and meteor has ridicolous range

Nah, my level 49 assassin can survive a meteor with around 37 hp left.

you guys know that nothing is balanced based on pvp anymore, right? they don’t want your grinding experience to be totally clunky because the side feature of dueling isn’t doing so well.

DUde your mage is probably not going full int then

How does my assassin surviving have anything to do with my mage?

If a mage has 150 int you stay with 29 hp if he has 170 int you die smh

BY your mage I meant the mage you’re dueling

well ofc. assassin is good at single target kills. for example if you were in the colosseum, you’d be fighting many people at once. in this case, sorcerers would shine because they have AOE damage and can take out many people at once.

however because the colo is always dead, most pvp happens in nilgarf in the form of duels. in this case it’s pretty obvious that assassin would be incredibly strong because he is going against just 1 person. all he has to do is land a hit to win.

i think this is the main reason people say assassin is op in pvp, because they only play 1v1’s with assassins which they lose.

Playing assassin however, should not mean a near 100% winrate, however.

Having invisibility is still a very strong ability for a 1v1, but having it forever,

Well, that means that nothing literally happens for so long in a 1v1 that there’s no fighting in a PVP

However, assassins would think more if their invisiblity wasn’t the only driving factor.

This is an attention-seeking game, not an easy “Invisible lol ok im done”

There would be more tension for both the opponent and the assassin if the knight was able to tank the first hit and there would be a small fight between the two to try to finish eachother off.

However, since assassin is assassin, you’re going to see boring fights that I don’t even want to do.

Not because I lose, because honestly all you have to do is guess until you one hit the assassin because they don’t even pay attention anymore.

There’s no reason to let someone stay invisible forever, it makes:

  1. Fights boring (I don’t want to PVP with them anymore, they dont even do anything lol)
  2. Fights unfair (I don’t want to PVP with them if I can’t ever hit them)
  3. Boredom for the Assassin (Why should I do anything except run so I can stay invisible again? They can’t do anything if I am.)

Would you play a game that is not fun? The default answer is no.

I guess it all depends on the assassin but lets be honest assassin without invis is useless as hell cause you have flare that almost 1 shots you

You guys are still talking about PVP.

That’s not how the game works anymore.

Smh speak clearer