Challenge: Riddle Me This

There are 4 patches of flowers in the garden. The buttercups are yellow, the tulips are white and the sunflowers are yellow. What color are the violets?

I made this riddle up, good luck solving it, unless you look it up (Noobs).

Screw the poem, violet’s are violet

Black, just like my soul.

The Violet’s Leaves Are Mainly Purple With A Bit Of White On Them, With A Long Green Stem. They Also Have Yellow Nectar In The Middle Of The Flower Bud.

Didn’t he say not to look it up XD

I Didn’t Look It Up. I Know What Violets Look Like… I Have Some In My Garden…

Oh, that’s nice, i don’t have a garden

Rip To You Then.

I would like a garden, but I got pesky raccoons outside my house so they pretty much rip it apart. I know from experience

the color of violets are


a color :smiley:


There are no violets, you have been deceived.


What is the answer lol just realized nobody ever said