Challenge of The Bean

Hey guys, I made a challenge for you all. IT’s a Test of your Prowess at Solving riddles and such: hopefully I didn’t make it too hard/arduous/Difficult. It’s Supposed to Cause yOu to enjoy youRself anD. have a Good time, as well as Getting you to use your brain/head. i hope you have fun with this and enjoy yourself! :smiley: here’s your first clue, good luck!



There’s something special about the words/letters above, you just have to figure out what…


  1. Don’t share information concerning any of this challenge with anybody else

  2. If you can figure something out without using the internet I would prefer you try to. (more of a suggestion than a rule…)

  3. That’s about all really…

The first couple of people to finish this might get a reward or something I dunno.

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i have successfully unplugged my router cancelled my internet plans and now i can’t use google.

i dont use discord noobs

bean can has been opened quick eat his insides

no dont eat his insides.
thats rude

oh noes dont look

@Kevcrusher is IT

OI U NO SHARING INFO!!! :angry: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: