Chairs: Warrior's Stronghold Edition (Guest Star)

Today we’re joined by another Guest Star, I’m quite sure you’ve heard of and seen him before. This Guest Star is @TheBlackDeveloper. He has some nice reviews for these chairs found in Warrior’s Stronghold as do I. Here’s the first chair.
Our Guest Star gave an interesting critique for this chair, as when I bit into it, it had a nice crunch to it, as if it were brittle. I do not recommend eating this chair during important meetings as it’ll be a loud snack when crunching into it. @TheBlackDeveloper is a great addition to this show, as I’d consider him a Professional Chair-Eater. Recommended For Novice Chair-Eaters, when nothing too important is going on.

Onto our next Chair we had found stashed in the Warrior’s Stronghold.
It seems our Guest Star @TheBlackDeveloper was eating too much of this chair at once. I can’t blame the guy, it had a nice smoky taste to it after all. After taking multiple bites into this chair, it’d go great with a nice drink in hand on a nice Summery day, even though it is always cold in the Warrior’s Stronghold. Recommended For All Chair-Eaters. I gotta say, these Warriors so far have a great taste in chairs. :+1:

This chair we had found laying outside the Warrior’s Stronghold, it had a interesting location…
The Warrior’s Stronghold is very cold so there would be no point in eating after all it would be considered a frozen chair, which are very rare in the wild. In fact some of these frozen chairs are so rare, moving them into a warm location would cause them to instantaneously melt . Oh boy oh boy, the Warriors’ have all kinds of interesting and unique chairs. This time I let our Guest Star do the analysis, after all he’s a Guest Star. @TheBlackDeveloper’s analysis concluded that these chairs had a nice fluffy texture when biting into the middle part, like ice-cream or as directly stated, a snow cone. As for the outer part, it was nice and warm, it had an interesting flavor to it. Recommended For All Chair-Eaters as you would want more and more when feeling your ups or downs.

This chair we found laying around the Blacksmith’s area, I wonder why he’s always hitting his hammer on his anvil when there’s nothing there most of the time when he’s hitting it down… Anyways here’s the chair we found.
Apparently it would’ve made my life in danger if I were to eat it, good thing @TheBlackDeveloper ate it for me… No, I was not trying to kill him I’ll let you know! Apparently this chair is just as cold as the atmosphere here. Interesting how this chair’s taste was affected, nonetheless apparently @TheBlackDeveloper’s analysis is that you should eat it when you’re an Experienced Diner but, you must withstand the cold to truly eat this treat. Not Recommended For Novice And New Chair-Eaters.

This last chair technically we could’ve explained this tastes first but, we didn’t.
At this point I felt as though the previous chair would’ve been cold as frozen ice, that’s really cold y’know. I didn’t want to risk it again, so our brave Guest, @TheBlackDeveloper decided to taste it for me. Apparently the chair is tasty but, he prefers to eat the middle as it would be the tastiest. I later decided to taste it and he was right, good job. Recommended For All Chair-Eaters As This Would Be One Of The Tastiest Chairs You Can Find.

Advice From Our Guest:
As you guys may know, some chairs taste a bit weird, and you can simply change that by adding some salt to it! Remember this only works on some chairs like that crunchy one I was tasting earlier here and remember to eat the wood with barbecue sauce, it tastes pretty good, trust me.

Thanks Again For Tuning In and Special Thanks to @TheBlackDeveloper for joining me today!


Because. MMMMMmm Chairs. also good job theblackdeveloper

it would be cool if i was the guest star

As always, great review! I can’t wait for the next review!


Here’s a little extra thing I found on my way here.


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Hmmm I kinda wanna be a guest star now lol… Great review as always!

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And also thanks for having me, I had a lot of fun being random

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You’re welcome, it was pretty fun. :smile:

Here’s a curious question: Which area should I head to next to review chairs?


uhhh well when mage forest is a thing that but to tied you over maybe cubes discord server (shameless plug)

The chairs in the Colosseum do look pretty tasty to me.

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