Chairs: Scallop Shores Edition

Welcome to the Scallop Shores Edition of Chairs. Many daresay there would not be any chairs on the shore at all, but I proved them wrong from my sources! Well first of all they weren’t found on the actual shore itself but, it still counts!
For some reason these were left lying around. Seems a hunter forgot to cook their meals, they must have been planning a slow roast. It has a hearty taste to it after I used this Hunter’s equipment to roast it for a few hours. Recommended For All Chair-Eaters if they can resist temptation to eat the chair raw.

This other chair was found laying about nearby the area.
As some of you may call it a canoe or a rowboat, you’re completely wrong. It is a specimen rarely found in the ocean but it is very mobile, known as the “Chairpeeder” as some fellow experts would call it. This chair could travel so fast, you would not even think it was a chair. Enough of the back-story, this chair has some delicious meat, strong sinews you may have to cut before eating. However, eating it raw is also a choice but, this as a delicacy would worth more cooked. Recommended For All Chair-Eaters.

Thanks for tuning in and be ready for more quality information on chairs.

Anyone wondering where the Coliseum edition went?
Answer: I had no idea how to find it.

Coming from the Seaside Path Entrance, take a right from the entrance and follow it up the hill. There is an entrance there that leads to the Colosseum. Great Review as always!

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Thanks, tomorrow I’ll try to look for the Colosseum.



poo on u complete sentences.

if our time-zones aren’t too different, I would LOVE to be a special guest in one of your reviews.

you are an inspiration for all of us!

thank you for your insightful review on the chairs

love seeing these quality reviews on chairs, always a fun read. as an aspiring novice chair eater they’ve really broadened my horizons and shown me a new light when it comes to proper chair consumption.

my only problem with it is you’re not naming this series ‘Vest-chair-ia’ :thinking: