Chairs Reviews: Farmlands Edition

Welcome to another Chairs Review, and today I’ve somehow stumbled upon the region known as the Farmlands. I believe it was the beckoning of the chair gods… now let’s get into this review today!
This chair resembles one of these chairs found in Nilgarf and the Enchanted Forest… hmm… they must be related somehow… There are a few of these chairs found in Enchanted Forest that resemble this chair. They must be brothers, cousins, rivals whatnot they bare resemblances. This chair wears a candle as its accessory which keeps it nice, warm, and cozy, how delicious. Recommended For All Chair Eaters as its deliciousness will fill you with bliss.

These next chairs found were quite interesting
They appear to be the shape of a cut tree, or a log, which is interesting. I for myself couldn’t believe the taste of it as it was revitalizing me if I were exhausted after a long adventure or so. This is clearly a delicacy, and now some people are wondering isn’t this just a piece of wood you can sit on? It is more than a piece of wood, and it is not exactly a piece of wood, a piece of wood could possibly mean a slab of wood, or a twig, but this is a chair. What makes this is a chair is the atmosphere and use of it. Recommended for all Chair-Eaters and even Adventurers.

This chair also has many similarities with others, I wonder if it’ll taste the same.
This chair has chicken coops nearby it and absorbed the surroundings, which made it bear a delicious chicken flavor. This is a good chair when camping out or when you need a quick delicious snack. However, who would want to eat it quickly when you can clearly savor all of it… Recommended for all Chair-Eaters.

This chair again, why do they look so similar?? I wonder why…
Like most novice chair-eaters, they’ll assume this has a nice warm and cozy flavor to it, but they wouldn’t be correct. This is more… crop… farm-like it has a nice delicious flavor of it consisting of chicken-ish crops but, it tastes best when cooked with the correct seasoning. This chair has quite an interesting flavor when seeking your teeth into it when cooking it properly, it’ll be very delicious and make you want to eat more of it. Recommended for all Chair-Eaters, as its enticing taste makes you want more of it.

This chair was very interesting…
First to start with, the chair on the wagon. It has an interesting but brittle taste. When you bite into it feels as though it has been through all the rough and toughs of an adventure, but frail from all of it. I don’t really enjoy the taste of it too much but it’s decent? Not Recommended for Novice Chair-Eaters.

This other chair by the tent… it’s pretty normal. There’s not much to say about it, nothing too interesting, pretty much redundant as far as tastes. It brings nothing new to the table but it still is delicious. Recommended For all Chair-Eaters.

This is all for today Chair-Appreciators, and stay tuned for more high quality information on chairs found all around you!


Throughout my reviewing I found a group of suspicious people, they claimed a ritual of the sort or something. They also said something about a stoning, good thing I got out of here in time.


Hmm, I love your chair reviews. And the chairs too.

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Thanks, fellow chair appreciator!

LOL @GeneralOmegus @TheOfficialSin

That’s uh definitely not The Company preparing to stone an initiate. Nope. Definitely not.

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How despicable. These people are straight savages.

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Just going to leave this here…




are chairs living things shall we give them human rights im on a protest!!111 wahluigi

It seems you are a part of the “association” as much as I dislike them I can simply ask you do not spread of your heresy where people are trying to enjoy themselves, Take your teachings and leave them out of delicious chairs, You dare compare such an honor such as chairs to mere humans you are very wrong. We hold chairs in high regards and those chairs who do not want to be eaten won’t be eaten. You are clearly a novice in Chairology, I believe you should know your place before consulting an expert on the incorrect way to treat chairs.

ur selfproclaimed chair expert!!1111

11/10 would rate again


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