Chairs: Nilgarf Edition (Guest Star)

Hello, like usual, you’re tuning in for Chairs, the informercial on why you should eat delicious chairs. First of all me and my “Guest Star” were viewing some of these chairs found in the city of Nilgarf. Below is pictured one of them.

Unlike the chairs found in the Chairs: Enchanted Forest Edition, this one is more or so has a taste of adventure, rather than one of the chairs found in the Enchanted Forest which gave off a homey atmosphere. This one has adventure resonated in it due to the seasonings found around it, one of these being the “Wagon” found near it. As well as the fact when you’re exploring and taking a break at a city, this will likely be one of the chairs you encounter, remember just to wash it before eating. Recommended For Chair-Tasters in taste of “Adventure.” It seems like our guest star, @TheOfficialSin is enjoying this chair as much as I do, very much appreciated.

This chair gave off an atmosphere not usually found in the wild, which is the atmosphere of relaxing however, this one appears to be stiff, so not as relaxing but still somewhat enjoyable. Our guest star, @TheOfficialSin appears somewhat uncomfortable sitting on this somewhat stiff chair, as I would also not enjoy this chair as much as said. Not Recommended For Novice Chair Eaters.

This chair is usually hard to reach, which has me wondering why this guy is sitting on it all the time. I do not recommend eating it as the aroma left from the man sitting there all the time would taste horrible. This chair gave off a nasty stench, as cleaning it did nothing, as the residue was also still left there. It seems @TheOfficialSin can relate to my disgust in this man. Not Recommended For Any Chair-Taster.
Special Thanks to TheOfficialSin for making it out here.


There were other chairs pictured here, such as the ones inside the houses, but these images could not load, hoped you tuned in to enjoy the information.

Important Information

My IGN: Is headlessmicrowave now, or if you were curious, find me in-game if you can!

As for the other chairs found. There are tables or so found outside, these gave out a nature taste when seeking your teeth into them, I’ve found them quite enjoyable, due to this distinct taste. Me and the Official Recommended For Novice Chair Eaters.


There were also chairs found in houses, they gave off more or so a bar atmosphere, when eating them, it gave off more an friendly aroma than expected. Recommended For All Chair Eaters.

There was specifically chairs found in the house of Michael, as much as he likes to teach people about
spit facts.
However, he also keeps his chairs well-maintained, kudos to the guy. These chairs gave off the taste of food given from a good friend. Me and TheOfficialSin enjoyed this fine dining in his home. Recommended For All Chair-Eaters.


Thanks for having me for your review on the chairs of Nilgarf! I had a fun time!

No problem. :smile:

This is the best thing to ever happen to vesteria forums.

Is this
A copy
Of my
Chair sitting quest

No it’s not, we may sit on the chairs to understand it’s texture but we also eat them because they are nutritious and delicious. It is a very complicated process i’ll Have you know.

I sat on all the chairs in mushtown
Don’t talk to me about chair flavors and delicacies
My palate for chairs rivals that of gordon ramsey’s

Very well, I respect your opinions, I won’t consider you a rival in the tasting a chairs but, a comrade in chairs.

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Yes my friend, we shall be comrades and taste all the chairs!

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I kinda wanna help with the chairs now

Tomorrow I plan on exploring more chairs but, they’ll be from the Warrior’s Stronghold, I can notify you around when I’m on if you want to help.

I can be on 3:00PM and over if that helps

Yes, that’ll help, as those are the main times I’m on.

ready yet?

I’m not home yet, i’ll be on at like 3:15 PM PST

Ah, might have to rearrange that. I’ll be at school conferences. Perhaps 6:00CST?

Yeah, pretty sure I’ll be on at around that time.

So where should I start on the chairs found around Michael’s house? I don’t know whether to start with the legs, base, or just eat the whole thing in one mouthfull. Please fill me in @headlessmicrowave