Chairs: Colosseum Edition (Guest Star)

Hello, welcome again to another review on chairs today with a special guest @Cube who went on a journey with me to find the illusive chairs of the Colosseum, pretty spooky right?
This first chair we found was in the Colosseum, it was a pretty huge chair, but from our guest @Cube unbeknownst to be was actually also a professional in this subject! What a surprise! Anyway, I tried a piece and it was actually a disgusting chair, a cardinal sin to all Chair-Eaters. Our guest even warned me that it was disgusting but, curiosity told me to try it thus, I did so. I regretted it immediately but, it gave me a sense of what these chairs are. They are basically an exotic lure as they are chairs I’ve never seen before in such a lush environment. Not Recommended for any Chair-Eater as the repulsive taste is sure to make you no longer wanting to eat chairs.

These other chairs we found were pretty interesting, the roundness, pretty sweet. They were near the other “chair” we found.
Our guest star, @Cube liked to eat this chair as he enjoyed it so much he coughed blood into a bucket. Pretty crazy fanatic of chairs, even more so for being a professional in Chairology. :thinking: Moving on that, this chair was pretty good though I’d daresay I’m not as well pleased with it as @Cube was. Still a good chair nonetheless. Recommended for Novice Chair-Eaters, as its simple taste is sure to please you.

The next day, we found another chair near the same location.
It was quite early in the morning and a delicious chair for breakfast would be great. However, this chair well it was cruel, as not pictured, it trapped our guest star. Poor @Cube, as well as this chair having a nasty personality even though it should’ve been well-cooked before being eaten raw. Ahem @Cube, anyways as usual this chair is something to look out for not because it’s good but, because of how horrible it is. Not Recommended for any Chair-Eater as it is a cruel and ruthless chair, with bland flavoring.

This other chair found was pretty nearby. Bonus nice scenery.
If I recall this chair’s taste vividly, it was like the one before, a pretty disgusting one. Not Recommended for any Chair-Eater.

These chairs are pretty common to be found in the Colosseum.
Apparently these were fake to @Cube though I didn’t tell him, I thought they were real chairs and I wanted to try a piece, apparently you cannot eat these as these chairs were too powerful with high concentration of some substance, I don’t remember it clearly. Not recommended as you’re not allowed to eat it? Anyways don’t try it.

Special Thanks to our guest @Cube, and thank you for tuning in for quality chair information!


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The Last Chair Is Actually To Large To Eat, As I’m A Chair Connoisseur. It Was Able To Best Me…

I would, still, love to be a special guest on one of your chair reviews. just send me a message please





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