Chair Reviews: The Clearing

Welcome to Chair Reviews: The Clearing

For those of you who haven’t checked, there are definitely chairs here I mean most of you would simply just rush to Nilgarf for your class, and never come back here? WHAT’S THIS some people simply are after crabs and their cousins, spiders?

Anyways, onto the first few chairs I found here, don’t ask about my equipment

  • To start things off, there’s that chair with wheels over there, it seemed to carry some objects of little value, which overall lowers the taste and value of it, if the chair is damaged.

  • This chair, doesn’t have any flavor, maybe that’s the default flavor, even dirt would be more interesting, wait why would I want to have dirt over nothing…

  • Not Recommended for any chair-eaters, as its bland taste is unappealing.

  1. On an unrelated note, I’ve been often wondering, once you completely eat a chair, how does it regenerate, whenever I’m not looking it re-appears, maybe someone can explain the science about that.

    1. I wonder when these chairs move to get their taste…

  • Okay, now onto the next chair, the one that has the shape of a log.

  • This chair, of course being a simpleton tasted like burnt fire, more or so how can you burn fire? I have no idea.

  • Not recommended for chair-eaters. The burnt taste is too disgusting.

  • The next chair, which is the one next to the other chair-log.

  • Unlike this chair, it didn’t taste like burnt fire, or whatever, it tasted like something very delicious. It tasted like Mushmallows.

  • Now you’re wondering, what in heck is a Mushmallow, well there are mushrooms that are fluffy and taste very sweet upon it reaching your tongue, I recommend you trying that, wait I’m supposed to be recommending you chairs.

  • Recommended for all chair-eaters as it has a nice sweet taste that’s amazing.

Now this next two chairs, are next to each other…

  • First we’ll start off with the other chair with wheels. These two chairs can be found once you sneak past the guards, or do it diplomatically.

  • This chair, it tasted like hay? Fish? Wood? Don’t know each bite gave a different flavor, it sounds fun but it’s not really.

  • Recommended for chair-eaters who are willing to test their luck when eating.

  • Now for the other chair, which looks like a bench.

  • This chair wasn’t as mysterious as the other one apparently, wondering why not? It has a distinct taste of being… well cooked mushrooms.

  • I still don’t understand why it would taste like mushrooms, oh I remember why, it’s because I theorized before about them being magical-beings like golems…

  • Recommended for chair-eaters who want to use this as a delicious topping.

That’s all for today, and thanks again for tuning in for chair-information.


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Thanks :+1: though I should’ve made a temporary chair-review while I was at the hunter base before. Oh well, I’ll wait.

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