Chair Reviews: Mushtown

Today I’ve decided to go and explore Mushtown today. Today’s review is a very long one, as it covers generally all of the chairs found in Mushtown. As there are may be some complaints of other chairs not being completed reviewed in other places, they were not reviewed due to them being literal clones of others, as they had the same taste, and texture. Therefore there was no reason to review them. Now onto main reason you’re here, for the review of course!

To start things off I’ve found this group of chairs outside Mushtown…
These chairs were stately, mainly had an outdoorish and fresh taste of fish. If you weren’t already knowledgeable about chairs. Sometimes they absorb the tastes of their surroundings making them an exquisite and unique food. These chairs have a nice smoky fish taste, the right amount of smoke giving off a delicious meaty flavor. Recommended for all Chair-Eaters as it’s welcoming taste will REEL you in for more.

After reviewing those chairs, I went into town and found some chairs there.
Chairs’ behaviors are quite strange, they are technically alive and yet they’re not. They defy the logic of the scientific world, therefore they are like edible golems. Powered by the world’s logic, not of man. With that explanation, these chairs, from the untrained eyes look like seats for eating at a table. However, these chairs actually predate on this table giving them the ability to absorb flavors. This table, which from the taste of the chairs, had the taste of nice home-made meals, some of which tasted like a sandwich with exquisite bread, delicious tomatoes, with it nice sweet tomatoes, it made the lettuce not as bland and the cheese already better. The flavors of these chairs of course differ, and this was simply an example of its great taste. You might just find a great gem like I did within these chairs. Recommended for all chair-eaters, as these chairs are sure to taste delicious upon your mouth.

Now nearby I’ve found these chairs near a fire…
First, we’ll start with the chair I’m standing on. Now most of you are probably thinking standing on the chair ruins its taste. That’s only if you like stepping on food with disgusting dirty feet. My feet has been cleansed to the bone. Well if it did that’d hurt. Either way, know that I’m not ruining the chair. Now this chair has a chicken flavor, due to it absorbing the atmosphere of the chicken. With the fire running, it is nice and warm and would go great in a Chair-wich, a chair sandwich… if I can find the ingredients… it’s good as a main meal as well. Recommended for all chair-eaters, as its taste will literally slowly absorb on your tongue with all its deliciousness intact.
Now you’ve noticed the chair with the chicken slowly eating away at it. In fact, if my theory is correct, animals can absorb chairs and possibly become chairs due to the magical power within it. Of course this isn’t highly tested, and let’s hope we don’t turn into chairs it might just let allow us to understand more about chairs… Moving on the taste as usual had its usual chicken taste. Recommended for all chair-eaters, as its taste will make your taste buds yelp in bliss.
Now there is that more-natural chair. It tastes different from the other chairs, without that chicken flavor. In fact, I was expecting it to be like the others following a precedent, however it didn’t which was intriguing. It simply had a gelatinous texture upon eating and a gelatinous taste. Very interesting and quite a rare taste to come upon. Recommended for all chair-eaters, as its exquisite taste will literally make you fall down in astonishment.

This time I decided to explore around town more and found this chair…
We’ll start things off with chair with wheels, not to be confused with wheel-chair as those two are two completely different chairs. This chair had the experience of traveling the world in search of adventure. It had a wild taste of bear, that was reigning its own life with its own experiences… it had a nice bear-meat taste, that it was interesting. Recommended for novice-chair eaters as its unexpected taste may invert your senses of wanting chairs.
Now for the other chair, which may be a bit hard to see, which was box-shaped to the right of the chair with wheels. There wasn’t much to be expected out of this other than a rough and bland flavor which was to be expected. However, it just tasted like grass… Not recommended for human-chair eaters, as only cattle would truly enjoy this consistently…

I went around and found this chair which was nearby…
This chair will hopefully live up to expectations of not being grass-flavor. Thankfully it was… as it had a ceramic-taste to it, it was awful. Not recommended for any chair-eater as the ceramic taste will drive you off with one bite.

Due to my anger, I went in the guy’s house who was looking at me while I was reviewing the chair above, the nerve…
These chairs appeared lonely, they did have some companions but seemed unsociable. These chairs had a more bold flavor of curry, mainly chicken curry. This is easily explained by the fact there are so many darn chickens in Mushtown. Recommended for all chair-eaters as its bold flavor will make your mouth pop.

So I decided to look around more, the guy who was looking at me before came out after he kicked me out of his house while I was reviewing his chairs… I suggest sneaking in when he’s not looking…
This chair was a pretty tough fight, it had a really strong outer-layer, which was very strong. I tried biting into it with that layer and it hurt… I decided to wait a bit for my mouth to heal which was done… I commenced to use tools to hack away at it, and inside was a nice flavor of the sea. I have no idea how this happened. It appeared to absorb the properties of crabs, however I do not remember oceans being nearby here? Possibly due to people transporting crabs and leaving them on the chair where the chair absorbed it. Recommended for chair-eaters who have the necessary tools to break open a crab: it requires a strong metal knife and a lot of strength.

I went around town after being chased by the same guy… he’s a nuisance and I’ve stumbled upon these chairs…
These chairs had an interesting flavor which was that it tasted like dirt. Not recommended for any chair-eater. Of course, the other chair which is the one by itself… it didn’t taste like dirt… it tasted like mud-soup… these chairs have it rough… Not recommended for any chair-eater as its horrendous taste will leave a rotten taste in your mouth…

So I’ve also checked around town and found this chair.
This chair definitely has to deal with torture on rainy days… There wasn’t much to say about this chair, it had a smoky repulsive smell and taste… Not recommended as its odor is most likely going to recommend you to not eat chairs…

Around the entrance of the town I’ve found this chair…
Like its other cousin that tasted like crab, I made extra precautions and cut it before tasting. I’m glad I did… it had a shell as well with delicious meat, it is most likely a scallop or mollusk with a nice enchanting flavor that’ll make you say the Enchanted Forest’s chairs are half as good as they are. Recommended for all chair-eaters who won’t make fun of other chairs as it’s nice seaside flavor will make you want to go on a vacation…

I’ve went on the town’s wall and found this sturdy chair…
This chair is very massive, and it could feed a whole town… I guess the townspeople are saving this for a special occasion of some sort. So I decided to celebrate early and took a bite into it. It had a rich chickeny flavor, most likely accumulated from all the chickens the townspeople raise. This with go good with a sauce… I just don’t know what… Recommended for all chair-eaters as its rich, exquisite, entrancing flavor, will just coerce you to want more…

After a long day I’ve decided to rest… on another chair…
This was just a bigger version of the other one… instead of grass, it was something else, which was great… it had a cheese flavor, most likely absorbed a cheese-wheel. This cheese flavor is very rich and luscious one of the ingredients necessary for a Chair-wich… Recommended for all chair-eaters especially those who bring along a delicious chair to compliment this flavor…

It certainly has been a long time since reviewing Mushtown
This chair was quite simplistic to the point where it had no flavor. I thought there would be more to this chair, it was quite a disappointment… Not recommended for any chair-eaters as its bland flavor will make you hallucinate and contemplate…

Now for the last chair of this review, now that was a lot already reviewed…
This chair which was expectantly was going to be tier trash, wasn’t… it tasted like high quality bread… it had a nice soft texture upon biting it and it was a little sweet… There isn’t much to say about this chair other than it being incredible. Another ingredient for the Chair-wich, we’re getting there… Recommended for all chair-eaters as it flavoring can compliment many chair dishes…

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Thanks, I plan on releasing more chair-reviews soon, though they are of minor areas, Mushroom Forest and The Clearing. For the Hunter Port that is soon to come, I plan on allowing Guest Stars to appear again if there are chairs there.

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