Chair Reviews: Mushroom Forest

Welcome to Chair Reviews: Mushroom Forest

It was quite unexpected but, as I explored into the Mushroom Forest as I was done reviewing the chairs in Mushtown, there were chairs laying about! Apparently, despite them being found in the wild, they are man-made so I’m curious how they taste.

This is the first chair I found, it was near “The Clearing”, perhaps it was used as a seat!
Now, you may think, “Hey, you’re going crazy about not using chairs as seats but, aren’t you standing on the chair?” Now it’s not what you think, and more importantly don’t question me about my armor. That was simply one method to distinguishing if it was a chair or a seat, you may try this strategy as this protocol will help your chair needs. Now, onto the chair’s taste. There wasn’t anything too special about this chair… had a taste of a drinks… which directs us to Nilgarf. Perhaps this poor chair was being used to transport goods along the Mushroom Forest. This is clearly the taste of Nilgarf… as it has some chicken-flavor to it. Recommended For Chair-Eaters if they can defend themselves to eat a delicious chair.

This next chair I found was literally next to it.
As you can tell, it took me about until morning for me to notice this chair as you can tell by the sudden change from night to day. Some chairs remain incognito at night or are simply hard to see… sad to say, I almost forgot this chair. Now before you yell, realize that this chair has adapted to its survival instincts and attempted to blend in with the “trees” which is why it took a while to find or rather identify this as a chair. This chair, with it being “hard to find” surely must have a reward, and unfortunately it fortunately does, so I guess it just does? It has the taste of a chocolate for some reason and I just can’t understand why, know that it’s good and that’s all swell. This chair may attack you if you’re not careful and sometimes these chairs are found at night doing some “ritual” must be some calling to the chair gods supposedly. Recommended for all chair-eaters as it’s nice chocolatey taste will want you have more.

Oh… this poor chair…
As much as I appreciate chairs and enjoy dining on them, this chair is in no condition to enjoy it. This chair must’ve been driven around way too much and lead to its destruction. We must honor this chair by accepting its will of life. The taste of it… tasted just like dirt. Not recommended for any chair-eater.

However… on the very same day… I found this chair!
This chair unlike the previous tasted like adventure, or more or so wild-boar meat? I can’t explain it but that’s how it be and that how it’ll be. Recommended for all chair-eaters at its rich texture and flavor will keep you at bay for more.

Anyways, as I was heading back to Nilgarf, I found this chair…
… It had no flavor… Not recommended for any chair-eater.

That is all for today, there are perhaps some more areas to review for chairs I haven’t explored yet. Furthermore, thanks again for tuning in for more quality chair information.


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you missed the best chair! when arriving in the mushroom forest from the clearing, stick to the right. Soon you will encounter a pillar of earth sticking from the ground. After doing a decently challenging mushroom bounce, you will have access to a great 11/10 bench.

Yes, I have forgotten that chair… that’ll be added shortly.

Apparently, as I was there looking around for chairs… I found this… :thinking:

No idea why it’s here but it is here.

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