Chair Reviews: Enchanted Forest Edition

Welcome to the Chairs Edition of Enchanted Forest. Here we’ll explore some of the delicious chairs in the Enchanted Forest, now here is the first one, as it may not be easy to see, but it is a nice chair.

This chair is very nice, I recommend eating it when you’re feeling tired in Enchanted Forest. This is a very good chair because it is near a fire (not pictured) and a candle, which will make you feel at home. Recommended for novice Chair-Eaters, has a great taste to it that’ll make you want to have more.

This chair over here is not a very good one from what it is rumored about. It has a weird glow to it, and apparently this gnome sits on it all the time. I do not recommend eating it as it would suit no one’s tastes. I’ve tried tasting a piece of it and it left a horrible stench in my mouth, if you like that kind of thing, I would not think of you as a good chair eater. Not Recommended For Any Kind Of Chair Eater.

This chair is not as noticeable as the others, but I’d say it’s still a good feast. This chair has some nice looks to it, and when sitting on it somewhat makes you comfortable, but not as well as its arch emesis the chair with candles and fire in this Gnome Village. They despise each other due to certain relations, but that story can wait until another day. Recommended For Chair-Eaters, pretty delicious, has the taste of aged-chair, suited for more experienced chair tasters.

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I Love Chairs And You. <3 :heart:

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