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The Central Area to get to place to place to learn more about your delicious chairs if you have missed a review.


Quite a bit of you may be wondering about some of the delicious chairs found in Nilgarf and you can find your information about these delicious chairs here! at Chairs: Nilgarf Edition (Guest Star). My name is proclaimed as the prophet says as Borbenibenigus but that’s just a claim and my real name is Horace. I’m a simple man, I create crafts out of wood and I’ve been doing this for years now and all of a sudden a rather suspicious figure comes into my store one night to tell me a prophecy about me having to save the world. I decided to consult some friends and they were threatened into saying I should go save it. I do not know why… I couldn’t save it from them… so I passed this on… def… them…


Thought there weren’t delicious chairs at the Farmlands where Nilgarf gets their food? You’d be quite wrong as there are plenty of delicious chairs with some bold and delicious flavors such as chickens and some crops. Find this information here Chairs Reviews: Farmlands Edition of course if you don’t like chairs at all why even be here. Of course you can always claim to already viewed it through other means but, chair knowledge is quintessential for life.

Enchanted Forest

If you’re wondering if the magical forest has some delicious chairs they do, and with plenty of gnomes as well too, of course they aren’t edible. Some of these chairs are not as mystical as they may seem as the Enchanted Forest, well is Enchanted unfortunately these forest is inhabited by many dangerous foes known as spiders as they are sure to leave a nasty bite. Be careful on your journey if you head here, of course here is the article, Chairs: Enchanted Forest Edition.

Warrior's Stronghold

The Warriors themselves may seem as brash and fools but hear me out, they have some good chairs in this place. Apparently they would as this is their main headquarters of operations for some reason. I’ve met a blacksmith there and all he does is hit stuff with his hammer. Pretty boring guy, ruins the whole experience, otherwise there’s good chairs. For those of you still here and interested in the article, here it is Chairs: Warrior’s Stronghold Edition (Guest Star)

Scallop Shores

Unexpectedly we have our Scallop Shores with some chairs being laid around found fresh in the wild. These chairs pretty much taste like plants as there is an abundant amount here but, some chairs inherited the taste of some nice meat. The information you’re looking for is in another castle.


Welcome to the Colosseum where gladiators fight each other not for freedom but for chairs. The audiences… would watch if there were any… no one really watched me review the chairs here! Chairs: Colosseum Edition (Guest Star) and along the way here was the Chairs: Scallop Shores Edition.


This was quite anticipated for a while supposedly. This is where most chairs where most Vesterians lay their sight upon chairs for the first time. Here is information on how these chairs are and how delicious they are Chair Reviews: Mushtown.

Mushroom Forest

Did you know there are chairs in the Mushroom Forest? This surprised me and you can learn information about these chairs here at Chair Reviews: Mushroom Forest.

The Clearing

I was surprised when I checked here again, I had forgotten this place had chairs… well anyways, go check Chair Reviews: The Clearing to find about more.

That’s all the chairs now, Chair-Appreciators.


Lately any mention of chairs are really scare, it seems no one really cares about chairs all too much or there is a secret organization comprised of them probably plotting something. Anyways it doesn’t matter now you may so or whatnot do it as you please, nonetheless I’ll move on to Mushtown sometime in the future.

Farmlands is best

I think all the experienced chair eaters are a bit tired of eating the same old chairs every day so they have gone into hibernation until the ‘‘hunter city’’ comes out. (i heard they have chairs like no others :O)


I’ma say it! I - don’t - sit

Then how do you taste test your chairs? Also you’re supposed to sit in seats, they are not edible, because they’re seats.

Simple. I don’t.

Do you eat chairs at least?

No. I would never.

Get out of here with your heresy. The Order Of The High Chairs banished you, unless you have proven you have eaten a chair and have adapted some of the chair-eating practices. Otherwise we will not allow you in. By “we” I mean me, the organization is pretty small okay?!

I challenge you, sir, to a duel!

No seriously, if you continue to break the laws of us, all “we” do is kindly ask you to leave, if you keep being indecent to the public then you should really leave. We’re trying not to be violent here.

So be it, then. I will go stand somewhere else.

how do you eat a spiked chair??? can u answer tat

All you really do is remove the spikes via knife, if it’s too stuck on there, you may have to use stronger tools. IF you want to eat the spikes themselves, you may pierce parts of your body, resulting in lots of pain.

Necrobump because all the Beta players need to learn about Chairology!


Thanks for the bump- I am interested and wanting to eat a chair now

Chairs are very delicious, good luck

depends on the chair, some are gross.