Chain Grinding of enemies

Chain Grinding is a way to increase item drop chance by consistently grinding an enemy over and over again. Here’s how it works. So basically let’s take a theoretical enemy, we will call it A. A drops an item with a chance of 5%. With chain grinding, killing say, 1,000 “A’s” will increase the drop chance of that item slightly, say from 5 to 6% because you’ve been working hard to obtain it. The cap is +0.5 to +5% depending on the rarity of the item being dropped. The chain breaks when you kill a different enemy, are killed, or leave the game.

private server -> max lv slot -> grind
it’d be a little too abusable

I’d like to say yes but then I think about teleporting Exploiters and I :fearful:

Local exploits, depending on the circumstances, are incredibly difficult to prevent or stop. This would be abused more by Exploiters than players.

Vesteria is not open to private servers … If it were, the public ones would be largely deserted.

Kinda pointless… it’s luck-based to get drops, and killing 1,000 of any mob means you either get what you’re after or you are not gonna get it. Even the lowest drop chance items are likely to be gotten if checked enough times.

this is 6 months old
what are you doing