Chad's Codex to Monsters and Species

Chad’s Codex to Monsters and Species

There are many monsters in the wonderful continent of Vesteria. Some have special attributes and abilities; even other species stronger than them. I will be going through each monster that has been discovered.

The Shroom Family

Baby Shroom

Level 1/ Found in Mushtown and Mushroom Forest.

A firstborn shroom. It is incredibly weak but can cause slight damage.

Tough Baby Shroom

Level 2/ Found in Mushtown.

A tougher variant of a Baby Shroom. It is still weak but has a big amount of health.


Level 3/ Found in Mushtown, Mushroom Forest and Mushroom Grotto.

A teenager shroom. They are in the middle of their lifespan. These can do heavy damage when group up. At low health, they release a poison gas around them.

Poison Shroom

Level 6/ Mushroom Grotto.

A variant of a Shroom. Their basic attack is releasing poison gas. This can do extremely heavy damage to Vesterians nearby.

Elder Shroom

Level 5/ Mushroom Forest and Mushroom Grotto.

A shroom at the end of its lifespan. They have a lot of health and do a powerful jump move every 2 kicks.

Sage Shroom

Level 8/ Shroompocalypse.

A variant of an Elder Shroom. It is more powerful than a regular Elder Shroom and still has its powerful jump.

The Hog Family


Level 7/ Great Crossroads.

Hogs run toward a Vesterian and ram them. This causes the Vesterian to be pushed back by great force, along with slight damage.

The Crabby Family


Level 9/ Scallop Shores.

A regular crab that is very huge. Their attack is not something to be too worried about.

Forsaken Crabby (Not available)

Level 31/ Forsaken Isle.

An insanely more powerful variant of the Crabby. These crabs are nothing to mess around with.

The Goblin Family


Level 9/ Enchanted Forest.

A goblin that has a slight appearance of a Vesterian. These small creatures usually throw rocks at their enemies.


Level 13/ Enchanted Forest.

A goblin variant with more power. These shamans make regular Goblins more powerful.

The Treemuk Family


Level 9/ Redwood Pass.

A tree that happens to be alive. Their menacing eyes glow within Redwood Pass at night. They can often be accused of fireflies. Their attack is very moderate; you won’t have to worry about these.

The Spider Family


Level 16/ Enchanted Forest and SQR.

A large spider. They are usually around their teenage. They can do big damage when crowding Vesterians.

Golden Spider (Not available)

Level ?/ ???

A golden variant of a spider. They often give riches to those who slay them.

Royal Spider

Level 17/ SQR.

A spider that’s more dedicated to the Queen. They serve as general protectors for the royal family.


Level 18/ SQR.

A young spider. Their dark blue hue shows they were recently born. These do insane amounts of damage to those are dare get close.

Boss: Spider Queen

Level 25/ SQR.

The Spider Queen herself. She is dangerous to anyone that dares to enter her lair by doing insane attacks.

The Yeti Family

Baby Yeti

Level 12/ Redwood Pass.

A newborn yeti. They are generally passive until a Vesteria comes near, rushing toward them to headbutt using their small antlers. They sometimes fall on the floor if not successful.

Boss: Yeti

Level 20/ Redwood Pass

A grown yeti that comes out every hour. This is highly feared to many. Its attacks can do damage to any Vesterian nearby. It is best to not get near it when attacking.

The Guardian Family


Level 14/ Redwood Pass and the Colosseum.

A magical hunk of rock powered by its core located in its head. It can do high chunks of damage to low-level Vesterians. They can often be mistaken for regular rocks.

The Rubee Family


Level 17/ Scallop Shores.

A much larger bee with rubies as their eyes. Their halo is highly intimidating to many. Their stinger is also very effective on Vesterians. They can also fly high heights.

The Scarecrow Family


Level 12/ Great Crossroads.

Scarecrows that have been turned alive. They were once to protect the citizens there when a mage made them alive, but the spell backfired and made things even worse. They often pretend they are regular scarecrows.

The Snel Family


Level 18/ Shiprock Bottom.

A snel that has adapted to the forests of sea kelp. They aren’t generally dangerous.

Snel Snel

Level 19/ Shiprock Bottom.

A snel that lives in the bare ground of sand. These snels aren’t as harmful as others.


Level 20/ Shiprock Bottom.

A snel that adapted to the darkness of caves. They are the most powerful of the snel family.


Level 17/ Shiprock Bottom.

A snel that adapted itself to the warm sun. It is very weak compared to others in the family.

The Batty Family


Level 23/ Nilgarf Sewers

A large bat that dedicates itself in murky sewers. They can do powerful damage when they hit every so often. They are the enemies of Ratties.

The Ratty Family


Level 21/ Nilgarf Sewers

A large rat that dedicates itself in the dark sewers. They do powerful damage when they hit often. They are the enemies of Batties.

The Mogo Family


Level 32/ Forsaken Isle

A tribal creature that jabs enemies with a spear. This is very powerful.


Level 34/ Forsaken Isle

An enhanced tribal Moglo that throws spears at Vesterians. They usually hide on top of houses.

Boss: Mo Ko Tu Aa

Level 35/ Forsaken Isle

The god of the Mogo family. It punishes Vesterians with their unique abilities. This is powerful to any level Vesterian.

The Dunes Family (Not avaliable)


Level 35/ Whispering Dunes

A scorpion that will poison anybody they seek.


Level ???/Whispering Dunes

An extremely deadly enemy to any level Vesterian. These are very harmful to melee and range-loss Vesterians.

Sand Worm

Level ???/ Whispering Dunes

A mischievous deadly worm that will murder any poor Vesterian in its way.

The Bandit Clan (Not avaliable)


Level ???/ The Gauntlent

A Vesterian that has taken pride being a bandit. They stand around the Gauntlent for intruders.


Level ???/ The Gauntlent

A higher achieved bandit. They are more powerful.


pretty sure vesteria is a continent not a country

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the intro shows the horse driver say “Weird things happen out here in the country…”

I think thats more so a figure of speech and its referring to mushtown as a sort of “country side” since nilgarf is the city, continent seems more likely but there is no canon so could be either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Can you add the chad, the terror of the deep, giant monsters, and the whispering dunes mobs?

yeah i’ll add those

The royal spiders are available. They’re at the bottom of the sq camp in enchanted :l

oh okay thanks

Scorpion lvl 35?