Chad’s Guide to Classes and More (updated)

Chads Guide to Classes and More

The current classes are: Mage, Hunter, and Warrior. Let’s talk about all of them separately.

Mages are INT scaled classes that depend on abilities more than their basic attack. Mages use a high amount of mana when performing abilities, but do high damage if these are successful.
The current abilities of a Mage are: Blink, Magic Bomb, and Thundercall.
Blink is a transportation ability, making the user teleport a few feet away from where they were originally.
Magic Bomb is their highest dps and attack ability. The user must stand still while using this. A Mage can launch at most 4 mage bombs, but will stand still longer, making them more vulnerable.
Thundercall is their best aoe ability. The user must stand still while using this. A Mage can summon at most 12 thunderbolts. This is effective when clearing enemies gathered up.
Abilities a mage can possess are: “Spore Cloud” Which makes blink release a poison cloud. “Venom Bomb” Which makes magic bomb create venom puddles upon contact with the floor. (Note: Venom bomb is very effective with high dps and damage. Be cautious.)

Hunters are DEX and STR scaled classes that depend on ranged attacks or melee attacks with high dps and low dmg.
Hunters can use a bow and dagger. These both scale off of STR for more damage, and DEX for higher dps.
The current abilities a hunter can have are: Execute, Double Jump, Shunpo, and Barrage.
Execute is a finisher for hunters who use a dagger. This does great damage but has a long cooldown. If you kill something with execute, the cooldown will refresh, which can be highly useful.
Shunpo is a transportation ability, making the user dash in front of them a few feet away from where they were first at. If a dagger is equipped while using this, you can deal damage.
Double Jump is a passive ability which lets the user double jump. This is useful when doing parkour and dodging attacks.
Barrage is an ability which can be performed with a bow. This shoots 3 arrows at the same time without using any arrows. This can be used almost as a shotgun ability.

Warriors are STR and VIT scaled classes that depend on mostly basic attacks and their dmg output.
Abilities warriors use are: Ground Slam, Parry, Roll, Triple Slash, and Quick Slash.
Quick Slash is a fast but heavy dmg ability that can provide useful due to its short cooldown.
Ground Slam is a very effective ability that has good aoe around. This can hardly be avoided, as Ground Slam seems to even do damage in the air when landing.
Roll is a transportation ability that allows the user to roll. This can be very quick and take you a couple feet from where you originally were.
Parry is a strange ability that lets the warrior to parry the incoming attack. This is useful for boss fights, as you can dodge the attack and do dmg as well.
Triple Slash is an ability that allows the player to do three slashes. Sadly, this does not raise dps, but does a more dmg on its third slash. For dps, double slash is more effective.

Subclasses are classes that take a higher role than regular classes. Every class comes with three subclasses, that go in a specific order. This order is:
These subclasses are much more powerful than an original class.

Mage Subclasses

Warlocks: Warlocks are Terul-Related mages that harness dark energy. They are an agile class that does high damage, but low dps. The abilities a warlock can harness are: Simulacrum, Dark Pulse, Dark Ritual, and Pillage Vitality.

Sorcerers: Sorcerers are Neutral-Related mages that harness more powerful abilities at the cost of bunches of mana. They stand still in every ability which gives others an advantage, but does high dmg using any of the abilities gifted. They are proven useful for fighting monsters.

Clerics: Clerics are Vesra-Related mages that harness holy energy. They are mostly a support class but get high buffs for original mage abilities with the passive “Holy Magic”. Clerics are the only class to resurrect someone from the dead. They are very useful for dungeons and boss fights, as they can heal and resurrect anyone in a party with them.

Warrior Subclasses

Berzerkers: Berzerkers are Terul-Related warriors that are known for their high dps by duel wielding weapons. This makes them do much more damage than usual, and boost dps. Their moves help boost attack and rapid damage. One short downfall to duel wielding is if upgrading weapons, you would need to scroll both. It would also be hard to obtain two good weapons.

Knights: Knights are Neutral-Related warriors that rely heavily on big amounts of health, usually from VIT. (VIT currently does not boost any class effectively.) Knights also are the only class that can use shields, which allow them to use the ability “Shield Bash”.They are full tanks that boost defense to others in their party. VIT-related equipment is suitable for a Knight.

Paladins: Paladins are Vesra-Related warriors that need slight amounts of INT to cover their unique abilities. Paladins can be seen as Clerics with higher attack and abilities, but low healing. They can be useful when others need a quick heal in a fight.

Hunter Subclasses

Assassins: Assassins are Terul-Related hunters that use daggers more often than bows. They are a sneaky class, useful for pvp. One of their moves makes them invisible for a short while. This can be countered by using Flare, a move a Cleric can use. Their abilities are the most useful when focused on a single target.

Tricksters: Tricksters are clever Neutral-Related hunters that use tricks on enemies. Tricksters currently do not have the best experience in pvp, but they do have a useful move for aoe, Prism Trap. Another move also makes them switch their place with an enemy, which could be useful if used correctly.

Rangers: Rangers are Vesra-Related hunters that use bows more often than daggers. They are a very ranged class that consume alot of arrows. Rangers often stay away from a boss, doing damage with their bows and ranged abilities.


triple slash is bad right now
nerfed to 1.5x dmg instead of 2.5x
double slash has higher dps

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Seriously man
Spent all my points on maxed and this happens.

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Also it’s called “neutral” not “normal”

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