Chad boss plays shroompocalypse music

So if you have music on, spider queen lair doesn’t have SQR music unless the spider queen awakes at 10:00 EST. So I was thinking why not have shroompocalypse music when the chad is alive (either cutscene or mushroom grotto). This feature doesn’t affect the game, its only an auditory change.

yes good idea

i never beat spider queen in spider queen lair personaly

Yeah I agree. It doesn’t feel as tense when fighting chad totally not because I destroy him as a high level when there’s just calm music playing. I’m not sure if this also applies to Yeti as well as for I haven’t fought the Yeti in a long while.

For yeti (in my personal opinion) I think it’ll be more thrilling if it had boss music than just the Redwood Pass music.

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Yes absolutely, similar change to Redwood Pass when Yeti spawns.

good idea. problom is, ive used all my votes. time to try harder to become a regular!

you can unvote things/remove vote

i know, but i like where i have my votes

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