Can't wait for the playtest today!

Hopefully it happens soon, I’ve got to go somewhere at 4. Can’t wait to slaughter some shrooms!

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Maybe in 1 min im hyped as well lol

I assume it will appear open at 12:00.

who’s betting that it will open when we have to sleep? and will be closed when we wake up (again)

Does anybody know when it usually opens, and in what TZ?

random, idk timezone

There’s people in game right now.

They’re the Developers.

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It Is Berezaa And Polymorphic.

prob doing final tests hopefully :slight_smile:

Yeah, if you see it open, give me a holler. I got Notifications on.

I’ll Probably Tell You When It Opens.

same I got them on to

When it does open, good luck & have fun.

The Game Is Open!

So hyped! :smirk:

new necromancer?