Cant leave the farmlands (Fixed)

So I was doing a quest for the mayor and ran into the mushroom forest and as it loading my power got cut out, so okay, I waited for it comeback on and joined the game and I loaded right in front of the teleporter or whevever of the mushroom forest, and now when I try to go into it, I just smack my head against the black wall of my everlasting sad life of no continuation, Ive read that all you have to do is rejoin and Im being rejoing for hours and I finally gave up, I tried again today for hours, and still nothing, am I just stuck till they update? This is getting annoying and I know someones gonna say rejoin but I swear Ive been trying and it hasnt been working Im just stuck here Ill post the picture:

you might have joined the same server. wait a while and rejoin. (sry if this is infuriating)

I have joined so many servers and it just doesnt work ;w; ive even tried doing it 2 days so I know I had to be sent a different one, nah its fine its just I wanna play the game I paid for but I guess Im stuck till they update so you know thats kinda a bugger and a bummer ;w;

What device are you playing on? Some devices have been having issues with teleporting and joining the game recently.

Also, have you tried using a rune or Taximan Dave to get to a new location?

Playing on pc, also have no other rune except the mushroom town one, and there is no taximan dave I believe, I just started

Join the game, I’ll give you a Nilgarf rune and you can see if it works from there.

10/4 captain

Let me know when you get in-game. You’re in Mushtown, right?

Yeah Im in game atm

Oh, must be different server. Stay there, I’ll block some people to get to your server.

Alrighty, my user is the same as this

Awesome thanks so much man

Did you make it to Nilgarf? If so, see if you can teleport to Farmlands or Seaside Path (or clearing).

yeah I did alrighty, yup can exit through tunnels now

try doing it now

Uh sorry but its been working since that guy above helped, thanks though

problem solved, someone close this