Can you exploit the game?

is it possible to exploit the game


because if there’s any shady stuff going down i will call the police

Hello there, @paramocks. I didn’t expect to see you here.

Yeah, me neither.

is there a way to exploit when the full game comes yes or no

w h y d o y o u a s k

There will likely be ways to exploit our game as we start allowing players to play, these will not be intentional.

We’ll warn you right now that abusing any exploit will result in your file being wiped, or even being outright banned from the game. You’ll be required to pay for access, so you should not exploit with mallicious intent.

If you’re a good samaritan and discover an exploit, let us know and we’ll reward you and you help make our game better and more fair. We will not ban you for finding an exploit, we will ban you for abusing it. For example, if you find out how to duplicate items you are fine making sure you know how it works. If you’re selling the items you duplicate, or using it to gain an unfair advantage, you will be punished severely.


No games are exploit proof, filtering enabled just eliminates the simple scripts and in my perspective just encourages players to find/make a script. Now that we’re talking about Vesteria, it’s supposed a new hyped up mmorpg, so I can guarantee plenty exploiters reaping the potential profit from the game.