Can yall please make it so that we receive drops automatically

This would be so useful. Not explanation needed.

The chicken and baby shroom pet already do this. Both pets currently are unobtainable. Hopefully in the future they will add more pets.

I’m just toxic rn cuz my drop literally fling into the sky. Before it went skyrocket I saw “legendary”. Pretty pissed rn

Yeah I’ve heard this happening to other players. It’s very frustrating to see your loot just glitch out especially if it’s good. Even with auto-pickup I don’t think it will entirely solve this problem because I know for a fact that loot on the floor isn’t detected immediately and you have to get in position for it to even be picked up.

I need this. When grinding on Forsaken Isle, it’s too laggy, and I can’t move at all because of the huge number of items dropped by the boss

Also, his totem doesnt go away when he dies, meaning some loot becomes unreachable. I LOST A PRISTINE MOKO DAGGER!!!