Can we like replace the games cover pages

The reason we need this is because almost all of them are from lower lvl ages in vesteria, we need to show the newer updates.


WE need to have some dunes photos or forsaken isle ones.


honestly just how I feel also I didn’t put to much effort because it is just a game page photo.

Uhm, They just added new photos already

Those are newer images from the past updates.

Ik I added one of those images but i want the old ones gone is what im saying and more of those

Yes, we need Mo Ko Tu Aa, moglo and moglokos, we need Spider Queen and Chad, we need dustwurms, stingtails, and deathstings, we need Auktufiti, Saraskis, Azariah, and Scarab!
Updated subclass equipments would be nice as well, it will attract more people to Vesteria

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Thats what im saying, show the new enemies and weapons!