Can we give some respect for our adventurers

Our adventurers whether starting out or just don’t have any shoes are in a lot of pain since they have to walk in several different terrains. So can we get some SHOES for these guys or at least just respect from the pain they are going through.


They’re naturally born with a thick skin layer on their feet, much thicker than usually too. It was said that Helga, The Giant, of The Warriors, had such large and thick feet, she used them as a shield in a battle against Vulzar, The Double Edged, of The Warriors. It’s a really cool story, you can find some history about the time before the Three Hundred Year War in the old library at Nilgarf. C:

Man, you just really like lore do ya

What gave it away?

The LONG text and the DETAILS

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u ever just use ur feet to block swords


Helga did, she had two uni-brows because she was so manly.

gives a medium dose of respect

they deserve som respect for having no mouhs

Adventurers may become sanji at one point. ROCK LEG STYLE

I asked Poly in game about adding shoes and he said they will most likely be added in the future.

y’all on about mage vs hunter vs warrior and im over here just like

level 30 adventurer

Screenshot Now.

xxxtra doubt

spray on shoes noob thats why their feet dont hurt!

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