Can we add a "Lore" category to the General Discussion area?

So I keep finding that a lot of fan-lore is being made, and I’d personally like to see a category devoted to it so that there aren’t so many “off-topic” posts. Also, it makes it easier for people who want to see lore to find that, and so people who don’t want to see lore to not find it.

@Meta @Kiritsugu @berezaa

  • There Should be a “Lore” category
  • There Should NOT be a “Lore” category
  • IDC

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I moved this to #site-feedback.
Also I’d suggest you to make a poll to see how many people agree with you.

How do I do that?
Sorry, I’ve never had a real need to create a poll and can’t figure out how.

You need to edit your topic. Then click on the gear icon :gear:. Lastly choose build poll.

I would suggest you to complete my guide because it gives you the essential skills when using the forums.