Can’t get up from sitting on Mobile/Tablet

I just started Vesteria, so maybe this is a common thing everyone knows about, buried in the depths of some post, but from what I can see there’s no post talking about this. So, here goes!
When I went to sit down the first time and found I couldn’t get up, I figured it was a one-time thing. Nope, it’s a recurring thing. Whenever I sit down I am unable to get up. Benches, roofs, any platform that has a sitting option is effected by this. I’ve yet to test if this is a problem only happening to me (for example, testing it on another platform), so maybe it is, but I have tested it in multiple different servers (still on mobile, though). Regardless, it’s a bug, even if it’s only effecting one person.

Here is a screenshot. I will make and provide a video if asked. If I need to add more information, please tell me, as this is my first time making a bug report.

you got stuck on the log bench in mushroom forest last night also.

Oh, sorry, didn’t think to add specific places I got stuck.

that’s alright.

Same thing happened to me, however I discovered that you can get up using dash ability like Shadow Dash

Try to eat the roof to free urself.

Just eat the wood you’re sitting on, easy solution.

just change weapons thats what i did im a mobile player to :wink:

I believe this bug has already been addressed and fixed by the addition of the jump button on mobile.

really ?? ok thx :slight_smile:

like why do you necrobump this