Can not complete The Lost Palace Quest

okay so I finished the quest thing before I did this one, meaning I showed him the journal and stuff before activating this quest and then I got the staff

but because of it, this man be missing and this quest will be left unfinished now

I can’t complete it too : (

maybe a bug

just maybe

Yes I also did the journal before speaking to the guy, now I’m stuck too

Same here… So sad…

This happened to me too…

pls remove having to start the quests before being able to grab the items. it slows down the whole process and it’s a drag back tracking through the huge desert

But if thats removed stuff like this bug happened. People got the pages and turned it in before actually talking to the quest giver which got it stuck

i’m thinking if you already have the pieces it should auto complete the quest

Yes that would be good, although i dont know if the game could be coded like that. Not a dev so who knows

I can’t complete it as well but what I did was when it was time to choose the right vase, I left the room and does not allow you to go in the room anymore therefore I can’t complete it. I hope they fix.


I can’t even get the quest.

Sorry, I found a solution for this problem. I just had to wait for the door to open… oh gosh.

Still broken
His mask is laying on the ground after talking to him (And picking between the options for weapons, which I never got one of.) It’s supposed to update and then you go talk to his dad, but since the NPC is gone and just his mask remains on the floor its not possible to finish the quest and I can’t receive the weapon from it