Can no longer play Vesteria

So over the last week money earning very easy all that, went from a new save file to 40g in about 4-5 days. To avoid wipe hype, I thought, OH I could just buy red potions and then sell them later, since if you over buy items while your inventory is almost full they get sent to the bank.

Side Note: I was thinking this was a feature, since I encountered it like already by lv 11 when first buying potions to start farming, so I’d assumed after months and months of people plaything the game it was a feature and not a bug, now? idk.

Anyways, I ended up spending roughly 13 million gold on red potions, which is about 320 thousand red potions. But due to Roblox’s GDS/Data Save limit, you can only have 260k entities, so of course, what proceeds to happen after is just MAJOR lag, when opening or closing my inventory, as well as running over to the bank and trying to take a single stack of red out. 1 stack of red 32 potions = about 10-40 seconds of lag/freeze time, until I could move again.

Attempted to leave the game and rejoin, however due to roblox encountering data save issues while I was just playing, they proceeded to block my joining of the game.

So currently after this, I can no longer play Vesteria, as it kicks me before I even reach the loading screen. And the only way for me to be able to play again, would be from getting a full acc wipe of everything I have.

Honestly just really feels bad, after all the progress of trading and so on for obtaining all high end gear, spider weapons, and other rare goodies, in a span of a few days, but then getting a major bug which essentially bans me from the game.

I’d love to continue playing the game, but at this point, only way is through a data save wipe for my acc.

IGN: AlexandraSchuyler

Also here’s me trying to remove a red potion from the bank.

Ber might need to wipe your storage to fix that lol

That is the only way to fix that.

Best way at this current point in time to avoid wipe hype would be through buying stacks of muffins then, because even if you bought like. 120gold worth, you’d still be under the 260k limit, but would experience some lag, you’d eventually come out of the wipe with 80g still. Which in a new market, would just destroy everything.

@berezaa help this person out

@berezaa help this person. He gonna quit the game

I put my money into runes since they still stack to 99, now i have a lifetime supply of runes
(roughly 4500)

how did you do that btw, i tried to do that as well but it just stopped and wouldnt let me buy more once my inventory was full

Edit: nvm I figured it out, you just have to buy under 600 entities at a time while having a empty slot in your inventory, thanks for the idea, if you stay under the 260k entity limit nothing happens.

Highly exploitable

I however was able to do it in one go. So please don’t abuse nearly infinite inventory. As I currently now think it’s not intended to be used this way.

for technical accuracy it’s 260,000 string characters allowed in a datastore, trying to save above that will result in nothing being written, thus leaving you in a state of limbo

you should be able to load in but i assume this ‘lag’ is stopping you, seems like you’ve successfully managed to softlock your save

why did you ping @Bruubs also she’s my friend so how dare you

also im kidding i dont think she really cares

omg i ping the freaking wrong person

Lol i knew it!! U pinged wrong person ha!!


Can I have my 3 gold back now please? Thanks for socially engineering me into a borderline one way consensual scam o_e

I could’ve invested the money myself if I had known better than to act on impulse at the time, tbh

So I was planning on looking between steel sets, purples, and/or subs so i could make revenue, and I kinda got jebaited into paying 3 gold pre-wipe for 1 gold immediately post-wipe, but now it seems like all the money traded here has just become defunct because of bloody potion stack limits, Is there anything that can be done to help alexandra, me, and anyone else who traded with her somehow to get our money/saves back, possibly?

Also, Am ngl, that’s a p good idea tbh, actually

edit bc 3 post post streak limit:
Scratch that, I’d be best off spamming rockfish then tbh, But I lost over 80-85% of my wallet to Alexandria’s unfortunate ‘incident’, soooo

Yikes @polymorphic

So… is there gonna be any sort of compensation for this Berezaa? or… am I literally just hecked from this point onwards?

No of course you’re not gonna be compensated for getting burned trying to bypass the economy wipe o_e