Can it be illegal to have berezaa's PFP?

I keep clicking on threads thinking Berezaa is giving out info about the game or answering questions but instead it’s some randoms with his PFP.

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Regulars are doing a nice thing and a funny thing to put their PFP as berezaa. I’m pretty sure it’s allowed, but its honestly just for fun. I’m pretty sure it’s allowed, if not bere should take care of it.

i would be able to check in regular only place if i had my regular still ;-;

imagine being scared of having a profile picture

Lol ikr

well atleast add some variation so we know they are not Berezaa

Technically its free speech :man_shrugging:

Hey most of us changed back to our old pfp, if you complain too much we will do it again

Berezaa isn’t the government and does not have to abide by the constitution (to a extent) since this is a privately owned forum and he has his own TOS, so free speech does not apply here.

also free speech says the government cant arrest you for anything you say unless it directly violates a law or implies the breaking of a law such as a verbal threat, not that they cant silence you

I know you were joking btw


ok government official.

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literally a post about a profile picture

pretty much only topics you can talk about on the forums without being called a noskilled casual for disliking poorly implemented game mechanics

I miss my regular. I needs it back

How do you lose regular?

By not meeting the regular requirements