Can I lose my regular badge?

So recently I earned my regular badge and browsed the VIP lounge for a bit and saw a post of someone saying they’ll probably lose there regular badge due to inactivity.

So after seeing this post I have many questions .

• Can I lose my regular badge from being inactive?

• Can I lose my regular badge from being banned from the game and/or discord ?

• Can I lose my regular badge for posting certain content on the fourms?

• Can I lose my regular badge for nercobumping too much?

• Can I lose my regular badge for spamming in any way?

• If I lose my regular badge will it take just as long or longer to get it back?

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Yes, it happened to me. I think it may have happened because the website was down or something I can’t recall because it happened last year.

Do you have any idea how long you have to be inactive to lose your badge?

If you do not meet the regular requirements in the last 100 days, you will lose your regular. These are the requirements

You should be fine for another 40 days


I forgot how long it was, it may have been around a week but that seems improbable.

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yes, proved by lord kyrian.

not sure, but i don’t think so.

if they get flagged, yes, as proved by lord kyrian.

if your necrobump is of value, no. but if you necrobump on purpose for trolling, yes, but it has to be noticed by a leader.

please elaborate.

no, it will take the same time.


Ok thanks for your help m8 .
Also when I mean by spamming I mean like constantly sending the same message on a topic.

I am unsure of that

o_O :thinking: