Can anyone show me the full list of stat skills?

I want to know what skills you get from dex, int, str, and vit to see whats the best for me

Are you level 30? If so, speak to the Dark Simulacrum in Nilgarf to go to the Test Realm, you can do whatever you like there, max anything you like. I’m not available to play rn.

I completely forgot about the testing realm. Im level 28 rn so Ill level up tomorrow. Who knows, maybe ill end up posting my own list for those who cant go to testing realm.


5 Heavy Slash 1.2x “Double Slash” damage
10 First Strike 1.1x damage to full health monsters
20 Shattering Hit 5% chance to stun enemies on hit
30 Iron Will Gain 40% knockback reduction
50 Punisher 1.1x damage to enemies below 30% HP
70 Ruthless Deal 5% bonus damage


5 Endurance Stamina +1
10 Swiftness Movement Speed +1; Jump +2
20 Thievery Monster Money Dropped +15% (Greed +14%)
30 Fast Hands 1.4x consumable usage speed
50 Deadeye +10% Critical Strike chance
70 Gratata 1.2x attack speed


5 Regeneration+ 1.25x “Regeneration” healing
10 Rejuvenation 1.1x idle health recovery rate
20 Fortitude 5% chance to negate an attack
30 Hearth Fireplaces heal 115% of Max HP
50 Consumer 1.3x HP restored from consumables
70 Unstoppable Take 20% less damage after ability use (5 seconds)


5 Intelligent Gain 15 Max MP
10 Persistent Damaging an enemy recovers 1 MP
20 Charismatic Reduce shop costs by 10%
30 Disciplined Increase mana regen by 10%
50 Resourceful 1.2x mana restored from consumables
70 Unwavering Reduce ability cooldowns by 15%
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the numbers on the very left is how many of the stat u need for the perk, the numbers are wrong, the 5 is supposed to be 10, 10 is 20, 20 is 30, 30 is 50, 50 is 70, 70 is 90, this table was outdated

the perks listed might be outdated, some of them might be better/worse than listed above currently

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I meant that I think it’d be helpful if also posted in the #general-discussion:tutorials-and-guides section

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Thank you so much Gun!