Buying things with robux

I dont see anywhere if this is illegal, but i’m buying things for the mage class with robux I have group funds

what level are you? you’ll get the silver from leveling up

he’s asking for people’s equipment that he wants to buy with robux

yea but if hes a low level trying to buy magus set then it’s useless

im level 12

just farm to level up. you’ll get the amount of silver you need to buy the next set by the time you reach said level

mage armor requires the following levels:

so uhh should I just buy whatever i possibly can for my current level? if i continue doing this i’ll have enough for magnus robes and lapis staff once I hit the level to buy it?

there is basically nothing for mages at level 12. just keep farming until you reach level 15, and then buy equipment.

I am, like 95%, sure that buying in-game things with robux is prohibited but that might not be true.
anyways I wouldn’t suggest you buying things from anybody since you are just better of framing/playing the game normally.