Buying save slots

This has been hinted at before but I want it noW1!!1!! Pretty much I want to be able to buy save slots as I want to try out tons of sub classes and other things and would like to level them early before subclasses come out. This of course is just what I want to do but I think others would buy save slots also.

“buy save slots”

What would be the price?

50 R$ sounds reasonable

How many save slots though? 50 R$ just for 1 or like a gamepass for (example) 3 game slots for the price of 125 R$.

there will be no gamepasses for Vesteria, it will probably be 50 R$ for one

I can see 100 r$ per slot, and 200 r$ for the Stat reset item. Slots may also increase in price the more you buy, and also remember when the game goes free it wont make sense to buy slots when you can hop on an alt instead

200 what for stat reset? 200 Silver or 200 R$?

going on an alt is dumb imo. Having all your slots on one acc sounds better. But 100 R$ is kinda alot, especially for a 800 R$ game. Maybe 50 for now, then 100 later?

Also adding on to increasing price for more slots you buy.

Maybe 50R$ for first then adding on 25 R$ of the previous slot price for next slot you buy.

Having Alts makes way more sense, can play mult accounts at once, trade between slots, have a friend play on an alt if you have a high level they want to use

Gotta think about when it releases, and that’s the price of not thinking ahead tbh

800 R$ vs 50/100 R$… :thinking:

When it releases they still have to make devex money, and having it 200 r$ for a Stat reset is 1$ which is still cheap tbh

Hmm… Then maybe Vesteria should never become free. Vesteria should just become 25 R$ when it fully releases like Welcome To Bloxburg so that way more people can play and reduce alt accounts. Even though Bloxburg is still in beta Vesteria doesn’t have to be the same. Vesteria’s “full release” could just make the game cheaper.

true, but more things like cosmetics will come out, which might help them earn more money

not a lot of micro transactions hopefully, certainly not pay-to-win

The problem is they can’t make it super cheap to resend Stat points or get new slots, as they want you to focus more on less slots and be thoughtful when it comes to stats

the devs said no p2w, prob just stuff like capes (cosmetic)

But the devs mentioned a storage where you can store items to buy across slots, so it would be a lot more convenient to buy new save slots rather than use an alt to transfer items.