[BUYING] Magus Robe + Hat ( or other pre-Lunar gear)

Hello, I’m leveling my new Mage and would like to buy someone’s old mage gear off them :slight_smile:
Let me know if you have some you would like to get rid of and I can help you compensate back some of the cost you spent on them. (or if they’re upgrade I may pay extra )
Discord: tgs#0937

selling a 108+ dmg 5+ no upgrades webbed staff
price: 200s

No thanks, the lunar staff is more dmg :slight_smile:
Still looking for Magus Robe and Hat clean/dirty/upgraded

Actually that webbed might be helpful while leveling. what’s your IG name?
my discord is tgs#0937

discord: mine has special characters in it just find oofShorts

how much are you willing to pay for magus hat?

I dont know… Is it upgraded or clean? for clean I’ll pay like half way between purchase price and sell price from/to the npc or something like that. that way you get some of your money back for buying it.

Still buying Magus Robe + Hat upgrade or clean or dirty

I can sell you some blood mage gear. 200s for the robes and 140s for the hat.

ill buy the chestplate for 300s

Are the robes clean? I wanna buy them

idk that bloodmage robes help me any… lvl 27 and the lvl 28 ones are about the same if not better

If the robes are clean, lemme buy, ty.

the robes are not clean, but that doesn’t matter because the enchantment and money wipe is coming very soon

being clean doesn’t matter because the enchantment and money wipe is coming very soon, but yes they are dirty

how much then?