Buying and Selling some stuff


Moglo Mask
Great and ancient scrolls


clean or mostly clean (I’m not sure which) moko dagger
Purple tier icicle
trash blue tier icicle with no upgrades left (cause i wasted a buncha ancients on it)
keen mushroom staff
Skill reset tome
Dustwurm Cudgel (two of em)
dull sand ravaged scimitar -10 ATK (that no one will every buy)
clean scarab boots
clean pirate hat (that probably no one will ever buy either)

give me that keen mushroom staff

sorry i don’t have discord so…

oh oof

I might sell a moglo mask, lol people grind for hours to get these things and I have so much it’s kind of annoying.

can i buy it?

How much for the dustworm cudgel?

I’ll sell it for 400 to 600 silver, is that about right?

Sure just send me a friend request and I’ll meet ya in nilgarf when I can.

Roblox: blazel65

Sure why not .

I’m also selling a mostly clean ranging gear and buying any ballista

Tell me when to meet you I will buy ranging gear what is the price?

I can also sell a ballista too in the same transaction wait how bout I trade you a ballista for ranging gear.

clean ballista?

Yes He Has A Clean Ballista
Don’t Ask How I Know

Well then I’m gonna need some cash as well… or a moglo mask

How bout a mogloko mask with 3 scrolls on it great scrolls btw.

but how much cash would you want?

both of those plus maybe 500 or more silver?

300 silver?