Bugs on Xbox and other things

On Xbox, sometimes when you interact with an NPC, it won’t let you select the button to go to the next part of the dialog. You also can’t interact with anything in your inventory. Also, in “the clearing,” when you talk to the person at the castle and that bug happens, if you press B, the camera will not return to where it was and will lock in place in front of the guard. Kinda hard to play when you can’t swap out the wooden club for a sword and can’t put on your mushroom hat.

this is on xbox? coolio

Yup, xbox is pretty broken right now.

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The biggest Issue I have come across is the inability to interact with the items in your inventory. This seems to apply to Npcs as well since it does not allow you to sell items due to there being no apparent way to move it into the sell slot for selling. double clicking simply equips the item as if it is in your inventory. Holding ‘A’ or pressing ‘A’ on the item, then on the empty sell slot does nothing. This allows your weapon storage to fill with weapons until you can not purchase and by extension equip any new weapons and armor.

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