Bugs, bugs, BUGS!

This time, the playtest begun.
And bugs are encountered, and the servers are breaking in.
Crabs: What a absolute invisibility bug, and huge range with nothing you wouldn’t but a sniper crab in just 10 mile.

Absolutely delayed attack.

Yeah, Console time.
Unable to interact with guard, after that you can’t select options.

so as the enchanted forest… the invisibilty bug also kinda happens there at a certain spot. where the scroll shop and where the spiders are.

and this is funny, because they added spiders. but spiders arent bugs sooo…

You’re incorrect, crabs aren’t invisible at all. The crabs are simply hitting you from VERY far away, their hitboxes are extremely broken right now.

is it because of the party bug. People in a party take the same dmg. There might be an issue with that and the game might be dealing dmg to all players when someone takes dmg

Has nothing to do with parties, I can be in a party and still take dmg

Hi… I’m new. I like your game, but I found a few bugs @berezaa. Here they are explained. I’m on a iPad. I have a video gif, but that isn’t supported here ;(

The Rock Toss, Magic Bomb, Zap, and Mage basic attack DO NOT AIM. Even when I’m extremely close to enemies, it just goes, like, behind me.

Check the date of creation this post has to offer, it’s been 10 months. @Meta @WaterWolfX