Bugs and Ideas!

Put a barrier around the world so out of bound areas aren’t reachable.
Please reward the player more for exploration. I have explored for hours just to found a small wooden chest. It would be really cool to add some secrets to areas!
Make items wipeable. When I say this make it so you can remove all enchantments // scroll effects. Could cost 1 - 3 gold?

What i think of each idea

there a mob coming soon that kills u instantly when out of bounds
you have to explore smartly there are lots of chests hiddin around vest
yes please i love this idea lmao

The mob should have super speed and 9999999999999 health also.

its just going to be a level 100 mob the idea is that its actually killable if you try. Also 1-3 gold to wipe an item makes no sense because you can just buy a new weapon for that price.

Also [Nilgarf Sewers!] Ooooo Shinyyy! (Guide to Chests)

The speed probaly would be ok to keep, but not super fast. The mob should have tons of health though.

This is the confirmed idea afaik

I also believe the New Features function should be used for detailed, singular (multiple if they’re detailed?) ideas.

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