[BUG] Loading Server

So I’m not sure if it’s client-side or others, but I’ve been trying to join the game now like for the 10th time, and it just puts me on an looking for available server loading screen, and never loads. Not sure why.

@Polymorphic @berezaa

Roblox probably messed up once again.

It’s a Roblox issue, we attempt to mitigate this sometime, hopefully by update alpha-1.2.0 (in two weeks) by transitioning the lobby to be out of 10, or something like that, rather than single player.


Alright, thank you for letting me know!
Keep up the good work.

What about people having to join new servers on a certain map? Say someone is teleporting to Warrior Stronghold, but no players are in the map, thus a new server has to be made. If that server can’t be made due to Roblox issues, how would that work out?

It wouldn’t, and we don’t have much control over that. Sometimes Roblox’s servers are under a lot of stress and this sort of thing happens.


Does it feel like you’ve been cursed? This hasn’t been a common issue until Vesteria came out.

Universes in general on Roblox are a poorly supported feature especially with teleports being unreliable. We’re hoping that our case will draw more attention to better develop universes.


Truly inspirational post. I mean, your job is to find where Roblox is weak, right? You seem to do that well. :joy::clap::clap:

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Day 80
I’m still stuck on this loading screen, i’m almost out of food and water.

Update : It has been… i don’t know what day it is now. send help.

Looks like Roblox is not working again, as they themselves have tweeted this: https://twitter.com/Roblox/status/1063603479774560262

I’m not sure if it contributes to the reason why people are stuck on the loading screen.

It is why, you can’t create new servers so you can’t load into the starting place.