[BUG] Infinite Sprinting

I accidentally did this, and it gave me infinite sprint.

I will explain how now.

If you jump on a mushroom by the portal to mushroom forest, and it sends you flying out of the map, so when you reset in the void, you respawn causing you to have infinite sprint.

Jumping on this mushroom, causes you to fly out of the map, so if you reset under the map in the void, you respawn with infinite sprint.

Video of me infinite sprinting: https://gyazo.com/f156bc09d387badbfb1f562fd152565f

(Got a gyazo gif, if you want a full minute video of me sprinting, dm me on discord. iiFadz#5592. The reason I can’t post the video here is that it’s not letting me post the video because it’s a video file.)

Hope this gets fixed! Thank you.


This is one of the oldest bugs in the game and it has been known for quite a long time. Falling out of the world gives you infinite stamina.