Buff Mushroom Hat JumpPower, or add another item with more JumpPower

The +5 JumpPower bonus is barely noticeable, so is the Defense. It would be interesting to see a better JumpPower such as +15, so players with the hat could reach certain places easier.

IMO they just need to make the mushroom hat upgradable by scrolls, Ancient defense scroll and more jump power added? Also Spider legs, + jump power.

Yeah, that would be cool. Why are there even seperate scrolls for weapons/armors/helmets anyway? It’d be a lot simpler to have the same types of scroll that can be used on ALL gear.

cause grinding

But wouldn’t it be a lot cooler if we could grind MORE of the same scrolls and deciding which gear to put the scroll on? That would be a lot more FUN.

Dam that was an instant reply


Wth is this