Buff mob spawnrates in low level areas

Right now, it’s practically impossible to level up at the lower stages of the game through the intended methods of progression. Areas like redwood pass and seaside path are completely empty, and mobs like treemuks simply cannot be found.

I suggest that these low level areas are automatically changed, so that they have high mob spawnrates even when only a single player is in the area.

Yeah, the beginning (levels 1-8) are really fast, but after that the areas have scarce amounts of enemies. Once you get to level 20 monsters and up there are a lot, but only because there are so many others killing them. I think early midgame and midgame level enemies need to spawn more frequently.

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For my alt it was hard to level cause there were low spawnrates. Isn’t spawnrates tied to the amount of people in that server?

Yup! Spawnrate is tied to the amount of players in the server. The game hasn’t been running as many advertisements recently, which means a smaller player count.

Lel I’m max lvl Ranger and I farm Crabbys to get Fresh FIsh (best consumable in the game imo)


they’re decent enough, but a little buff wouldn’t hurt.

Yea i agree