Buff Abilities More with Each Level Up

When I level up with rock throw, the damage only increases by 6.25(?). It should increase by 10 because the viability of the skill in later levels would be greater. Stronger abilities will get even more powerful per level up so that the Mage can be able to compete with the other classes in damage.

Interesting :thinking:

It Is Interesting, As It Can Make The Early Game Insanely Fast…

We’re presently kinda just eyeballing the numbers to about what we think feels right, but as we move forward we’ll have a lot of data to work with in terms of balancing, and hopefully you guys will provide feedback on what feels too weak and what feels too strong.

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We’ve also adjusted the formulas for ability damage scaling, so it scales off of your weapon’s attack and some of your stats (depends on the ability)

Please let us know how it feels next time you play!


Shall Do Sir!

Alright, that should help a lot.

When the game releases for paid access I’m going to test out classes and their skill damage outputs per level, as well as see how each class can balance themselves out in terms of damage and skill damage alike

I’m glad rock throw is still effective with 370-430 damage with my full INT level 26 mage. Does INT increase damage of ranged skills that aren’t magical?

Your reply inspired me to write this up. Enjoy