Bucket's Guide To Fishing

How to get a Fishing Rod:
The Fishing Rod can be found in a hidden chest in Crabby Den. To reach Crabby Den, head to the small island with a tree on it that’s in the ocean at Seaside Path from there, swim behind the island until you find a trench in the ground, fall in. Inside Crabby Den, head to the bottom and look for a pink shell, the chest is in a small hole in the wall to the left of it.

How to fish:
Equip the Fishing Rod as a weapon and click to cast the hook into a source of water. Wait until a splash particle effect appears and click again to reel in.

Fish Types:
Fresh Fish (And Fresh Fish (Red))
A tasty freshly-caught fish that restores 100 HP & MP.
Zebra Fish
A tasty freshly-caught fish that restores 100 HP & MP.
Big Brown Fish
A tasty freshly-caught fish that restores 100 HP & MP.
Yellow Pufferfish
You probably don’t want to eat this fish.
A fish that’s nutritious but not very

Rarities of fish (based on 200 fishing attempts):
Fresh Fish - 66.5%
Fresh Fish (Red) - 9%
Zebra Fish - 8.5%
Big Brown Fish - 7.5%
Yellow Pufferfish - 6%
Rockfish - 2.5%

Sell price of fish:
Fresh Fish - 80 Bronze
Fresh Fish (Red) - 80 Bronze
Zebra Fish - 80 Bronze
Big Brown Fish - 80 Bronze
Rockfish - 120 Bronze
Yellow Pufferfish - 400 Bronze

Nutrition Facts:
Yellow Pufferfish - (-500) HP
Rockfish - ??? MP (It’s a lot)
All Other Fish - 100 HP, 100 MP

Note: Fresh Fish (Red) is actually just called Fresh Fish, and looks identical in the inventory compared to the normal Fresh Fish. The only difference is that it looks red when dropped on the ground and doesn’t stack with the other Fresh Fish. There’s an unused image that seems to imply that this fish is intended to be called the Longfish. I will change this guide to show this info if/when this is changed.


Nice Guide :grin:

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Thanks, Bucket. Very good guide!

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Could You Just Swap “Yellow Pufferfish” And “Rockfish” In The Prices, So It Is Increasing In Numerical Value When Going Down?

It’s in order of rarity :stuck_out_tongue: but yea it does look a bit strange