Bubble Aim is Broken for Ranged Attacks (Mobile + PC)

In the latest update, there was a new aiming system for mobile players which also is included in the new GUI update which happened today. The concept of aiming using a bubble typically for mages and hunters are brilliant especially on mobile platforms. However, with new improvements comes with new bugs and glitches. I have recently discovered that sometimes, after you use a ranged attack (for example such as Mage Bomb), your aiming bubble remains stuck and goes with you wherever you go. Occasionally, after several uses of this, it will stack and cause your game to lag. These bubbles will only disappear through leaving the map or the game. Additionally, pressing the ranged attack icons multiple times can also create this problem where the bubbles will stack up again. My suggestion is that you can develop a timer to determine how long each aiming bubble lasts to prevent them from being cluttered and stuck to your screen forever.

Above as you can see here, It suggested on discord that the developers should add a line of code to fix cluttering transparent bubbles from stacking on each other.

Yup this happened to me too

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this is for mobile only? i’m getting it on PC as well which i don’t like as it isn’t even that accurate when i aim up, and i now have to hit the hotkey twice to make it work. my suggestion is for a auto cast that just removes the bubble or a way to turn it off
and if it’s only for mobile you could just fix that


This is true, works on PC too.

Simply manually click the magic bomb ability skill in your shortcut keys and then kazam, glitch

note: notice the bubble becoming less and less transparent, this is because it STACKS

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yea uh how do u get rid of bubble aim?

me no likey