Bring back testing realm!

The testing realm is a really good place to test out a class or a subclass before choosing it.Without it it is hard to choose a subclass.Without it people cant make theories either.

I want the testing realm back!!!


Sadly, the testing realm probably will never return. It is only limited to testers, and that’s most likely for the better. There are many reasons against removing it, though the chances of return are low.

Davidii made a announcement about it, it’s not coming back. It sorta did make it so people can test anything which is sort of bad. It ruins the point of choosing the subclass you want because it fits your play style. Instead it made people go to the “current meta”. I feel removing it was annoying, but the right thing to do.

implying that dev leaks of ranger on the stat update release did not imply it would be broken
tl;dr: people knew ranger would be broken, didn’t have to test it

the realm was closed because of a childish reason and david provided a reason that would fit.

The removal of the Testing Realm isn’t that bad for me, I only used it to rune easily and save some inv slots.

How about the game turning it into a gamepass

No that’s a HORRIBLE idea. Testing realm was removed as people were scrolling stuff there to max it out and flexing them.

>be me
>be game dev
>introduce public testing realm that helps people know what builds are viable for subclasses so they don’t invest their time into a meaningless build
>everyone loves it
>people screenshot maxed testing weapons
>go absolute baby mode
>close the realm
>get my other dev to forge up a buttery excuse for it
>mfw i am ber

Still it was annoying having people with green bows walk in and say “haha noob”. The game is out of testing stage now, (almost) so yeah.


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Guys stop complaining, the testing realm wasn’t even supposed to be open to the public, it was simply a compensation for delayed subclasses. Be glad it was there for so long

Yeah, I saved tons of Silver and a handful of Marks because I went to Testing Realm and used runes.

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Bruh it’s such a useful tool to test out stats. Now if you wanna try out a stat build that’s gonna be a hassle cus u gotta buy a stat rune to do it and then buy another if you find out that your stat build idea was garbo. the testing realm just saves me a lot of headache.

Now anyone that just has access to it can just try out as many stat builds as they want. Now you aren’t losing dps battles when boss farming because you have bad gear its because you don’t know what stats to use and there is no real good way to check if you have good stats without paying larger amounts of money for stat resets.