Bring Back Rockthrow. Actually

The new magic missile ability sucks. Here’s some reasons we need rockthrow back:

  1. The old rockthrow (the good one) you could hold the ability key to accurately throw. This new one… you can’t.
  2. The old rockthrow would go in your screen’s direction. The new magic missile curves wherever it wants, making it difficult to do anything.
  3. The old rockthrow didn’t just curve off to the side and hit a wall. The new magic missile does.
  4. The old rockthrow actually did damage. I can’t even tell with the new magic missile because it always curves off to the side and hits nothing.
  5. The old rockthrow didn’t suck. The new magic missile just curves off to the side and hits nothing.
  6. Fighting the giant bat, which always goes to the roof, would be easier if I could control which enemy a rockthrow hits. The new magic missile just curves off to the side and hits nothing.
  7. The magic missile sound really sucks


This sounds like more of a “Fix magic missile” argument more than a “Replace it with rock throw” argument; making some changes to how magic missile works would fix most, if not all, of your problems.

Also, magic missile does do damage, roughly equal to the basic attack, which the magic missile can hit up to 3 times (so total 3x basic attack damage) at level 5.

Fixing magic missile would work too but I miss throwing rocks at people to make fun of them

The problem is magic missile targets based on Aggro, which you don’t have when fighting giants or other such mobs most of the time.

It’s better than Magic Bomb tho

believe it or not, my mage (level 29, maxed out magic missile) around 100 INT and once when farming a guardian, i was paying attention to my damage, and it did ~400 damage for each missile

rock throw not sok