Bring back random stat cursed scrolls

Don’t get why they were even removed in the first place. Scrolling use to feel so rewarding risking your precious gear for the chance of gaining powerful stats. Now people sell them for less than 100 silver yet the scroll itself is a legendary item. I’m glad Ancient Scrolls got nerfed but it didn’t do much considering Ancient Dex scrolls quickly took their place, I also dont get why a purple tier Ancient Dex gives better stats that the regular Red Tier Ancient Attack or Legendary Cursed Scrolls.

Moved to #gameplay-improvements:gameplay-balance. As for my opinion, I think cursed scrolls are fine as they are (maybe 1 stat point with a gold +4 cursed if any) due to their rarity. Ancient DEX are far more rare than Ancient ATK and Cursed ATK. At least, if they aren’t now, they will be soon since I doubt people will buy alts for only 4 DEX scrolls. And if they do, it won’t be enough to destabilize their rarity

Honestly I am fine with this. This is one of the reasons I liked alpha better; so much more risk, I kinda want old scrolling back where if you fail a great its auto and with the addition of reset and holy scrolls I think people wouldn’t be to mad.

Wait ancient stat scrolls exist!?

Only DEX, and it’s not exactly affordable, but yes.

How to get?

There’s a chest in Sewers that drops it in the Batty Cage. Only 1 per character, so they’re pretty rare. High demand because it gives a gold +4 upgrade, and DEX

This is not actually true. You can also get Ancient DEX from an SG batty (after the great ranger killsteal tragedy that is, that sneak found exactly 2 ancient DEXes on the ground, 2G lost potential loot for me. As for me, I got nothing)

Oh, cool. Didn’t know that!

Technically… it was a tragedy, but at least we learned something

What is chance of work?

15%, like normal ancients

Hmm… assuming I have 4 slots and my luck is the same (average 10 ancients per one working (this game lies to me about the percentage of working >:( ), I’ll have to get 50 of those to max my dagger which is about 2600 robux. Wow that’s a lot of robux.

They’re worth around (if not over) a gold each.

Great vesteria is probably gonna be p2w at least for now. 50 robux = an easy 1g.

Well, as per the dunes update 1g is considerably easier to get than 50 robux. Far easier.

Fair enough