Bows, bows and also bows

Alright, because I don’t have time to play right now, but I still kinda wanna know abotu the bow.

where do you get it :i assume from a shop, probably the port or something

is it viable, like how much damage and such

on a scale of 1-10, how much CHEESE do you think the bow is. like, just kite out any mob, regardless of level

if you think that the bow is unbalanced, or isn’t fair, or whatever, what do you think could be done to fix it

You buy it from the shop for 50 silver. It does 45 base damage, it autoaims on enemies once it’s locked on. You can kind of kite them, you can fire like twice a second or so. I think it’s pretty balanced

45 base damage?

wdym by auto aim, does it like home in? or does it just pull a zap and shoot at the nearest enemy

45 base damage, you can upgrade it with scrolls.

There’s some weird lock on thing after you hit it or it aggros on you or something. Once it locks on, it’ll pull a zap

Oh god, adventurers will be threats in pvp…

hunter only

Huh? I thought the first bow was availabe to all classes?

theres more than one bow?

Is there?

idk, haven’t played enough to know. just go to check damage on weapons

not rn, who knows about future though

I imagine you can probably just nab a bow at level 10, if you can aford it, and then spend the rest of your leveling just sniping spiders until level 13, and then rupbees

Thanks! When we got screenshots of Bows, they were level 15 and available to all classes.

level 15 image

My hunter is pleased. Can finally make a ranger.

holy hek! 50 silver! thats alot. welp. TIME TO GRIND!

why cant mobile users use bow??