Bounty Hunter (Guild)

Bounty Hunter… this is a guild for all classes… and we just play for fun and little toxic{lolz) the most player from Indonesian… but we still try find player who want join us (maybe the priority Indonesian Player lol) but if you plan to leave and never return to Vesteria next week, sorry idont want let you join my guild
and this my Logo Guild.

Created by : Dr_Faizstrange (Aka : Stupidfaiz44)

Oh yeah ! we have Guild Discord to if you wanna Join DM me at discord MerLorD#5611.

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“I’ve come to collect some Bounty. and they’ll will tell tales of this for the right Price…”

  • Bounty Hunter

Thanks if you read this text and Sorry if Bad English T…T

Why that mage look exactly like me

Haha maybe Stupidfaiz44 your fans

You have Member rank so you should probably put this in #discord-servers

Ah so this is the guild that took 3rd place on dunes board away from us…

Wow really !? XD never mention that bcause my Guild not focus grind bandit haha

Gw dah ikut guild orang lain tapi ya gpp
Keren juga guild lo

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